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Last Wedding of 2014


This year was an amazing year for weddings. I had the wonderful opportunity to photograph just over 50 weddings this year.  Unfortunately, with being so busy I had not blogged as much as I should have (or not at all). I want to take a moment and reflect and say how thankful I am for having the opportunity to work with so many great couples this year.  I know it sounds cliche, but I really do get the best couples on the planet.  Jaime and Adam, what a great wedding and an awesome way for me to end the year.

Jaime and Adam got engaged in Italy, Tivoli in front of the Neptune Fountain, I know how romantic.. They had a two year Engagement.  Jamie and Adam grew up in the same town so many  of the guests from both sides knew each other. In Jaime’s words, “the day turned out perfectly! We were blessed with beautiful weather for an autumn day, let alone the end of December. All of the small details finally came together with the guidance, help, and support of our awesome vendors, amazing bridal party, and wonderful family. Helena and Ed from Eagle Oaks really put together an unbelievable event, and I couldn’t have imagined it going any more smoothly. It was really special to have Rabbi Eric Wisnia of Congregation Beth Chaim officiate the ceremony, because he bar/bat mitzvahed both of us. Being surrounded by our family and friends truly made it the happiest day of our lives.”

Jaime’s attention to detail is one of the things I loved about her from the moment we met.  I love when a bride knows what she wants and is able to articulate it. About 6 weeks before the wedding, Jaime’s dad, Lee, passed away. This sudden occurrence made the final days of planning an emotional roller coaster. Jamie and her father had a very special, close-knit relationship. I am so proud of Jaime and her mom, who was the the love of Lee’s life, for holding it together and enjoying the day. As hard as it was, they knew that it was what Lee wanted. He was a very kind and warm man that loved to have a good time and his Jaime was the apple of his eye. It was a very special and emotional day, and I am so happy that I was the one to capture it.

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Brides Dress: Steven Birnbaum of Birnbaum and Bullock of NYC
Bridesmaids Dresses: Bill Levkoff
Brides Shoes: Betsey Johnson
Florist: Brandywine, East Brunswick, NJ
Photo Location: Monmouth University
Venue: Eagle Oaks CC
DJ: Sal Gendus Extravagant Entertainment Group
Officiant: Rabbi Wisnia
Hair: Gbriella Koltelnicki, Letitia Kakas, Christina Mancuso
Make Up: Alexa Beyer
Invitations and Gifts: Muriel Meiskin, Freehold, NJ


Jake and Leah

Earlier this month I had the pleasure of these 2 gorgeous children along with their beautiful Mom, come visit me in my studio.

I have been photographing Leah since she was about 6 months old and the same for her brother Jake.  Today we are celebrating

Jake’s First year milestone.  I loved it when Leah came in she knew me by name and was already to go and knew exactly where everything was.

Jake on the other hand was just ready to have some fun.  These were a few of my favorites.

And we are off and running. Catch me if you can!