Spring Pregnancy Session

How beautiful to see the trees blooming the sky’s blue and the sun shinning. To do a pregnancy session with all of that going on just seems perfect and perfect it was to spend my afternoon with Cristina and Nino capturing the beauty of the new life that are anxiously awaiting. Cristina could not be a more beautiful glowing with love and excitement.  Waiting patiently for baby to arrive.2013-05-01_00012013-05-01_0002 2013-05-01_0003 2013-05-01_0004 2013-05-01_0005 2013-05-01_0006 2013-05-01_0007 2013-05-01_0008 2013-05-01_0009 2013-05-01_0010 2013-05-01_0011 2013-05-01_0012 2013-05-01_0013 2013-05-01_0014 2013-05-01_0015 2013-05-01_0016

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