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Janet Lanza Photography Copyright 2012

I'm more comfortable behind the lens. Id much rather put you in focus. I am a New York girl at heart, born and raised. My background includes attending Hunter College on Lexington Avenue. I've gained a vast experience encompassing 30 years in the professional realm as a photographer. I was privileged to play a huge part documenting many weddings all over Manhattan. I worked with many famous studios in NY and then became a partner in a smaller company downtown. I have photographed close to 2,000 weddings in hundreds of different locations in New York, New Jersey, Philadelphia, and Delaware.When I moved to NJ in 1987, I also began the move of my professional operation. I am very happy to call NJ home and that after many years, I reap the benefit of a local client base. I love participating in my life, it allows me to see many familiar faces where ever I go sharing my passion for what I do. It is a compliment to me that Ive actually photographed my dentists wedding and my hair stylist's engagement photos. It is a joy to photograph a wedding and then be called back to share in their pregnancy and the baby photos, and later their growing families. This constant circle is one I value. To have clients trust me again and again many of which I now call my friends is heartwarming and such a rewarding feeling.


I have to say "The Whole Wedding Thing" is my passion. I am just wired for it. The anticipation butterflies in my stomach the day before while prepping my equipment and then the obvious teary eye during the ceremony never grows tiresome. I thrive in the excitement of the moment allowing it to generate a seamless session for the Bride and Groom.Every couple is unique and I still get so excited for each bride & groom beginning their new lives together. I know you never get this day back and it is my job to make sure to instill a sense of what I take from my everyday life full of friends and clients which allows me to really celebrate love and life during these Weddings. My understanding how the life circle goes round allows me to capture your day in a beautiful way of integrating my joy for you and spirit of the two of you becoming one into your photos. I am family oriented. I am happily married to a wonderful man Michael who without I never would have come this far. We have 4 fabulous children ranging in age from 15 to 27. I am almost at that empty nest point and am excited for what the future still holds for me. I hope we have a chance to get to know each other. It has been my greatest privilege in life to be asked to share in so many lives witnessing all lifes joys. It would be my pleasure to snap a part of yours!

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